Membership and Outreach Committee

The Membership and Outreach Committee plans activities to enrich the spiritual life for church members, visitors, and the community beyond the church walls. Called as members of Christ’s body, the committee strives for meaningful relationships in which each member’s life is fulfilled receiving the grace (gift) of fellowship with Christ. The committee’s activities include:


  • Welcoming new members through recognition in worship service and presenting them with Friendship Totes filled with gifts and notes from congregation members.
  • Recognizing special occasions with receptions following worship.
  • Organizing special puppet performances for church members and community events.
  • Organizing outreach activities in the community such as concerts, special children’s events, and retirement home events.
  • Ensuring proper communication of church activities and events through local media, social media, signage, and membership newsletter.
  • Reviewing, updating, and developing visitor cards, prayer cards, attendance sheets, visitor welcome materials.
  • Corresponding to members in need of encouragement through letters, notes, phone calls, and visits.
  • Sending care packages to college students and military personnel.
  • Presenting church members with small appreciation gifts on special occasions.
  • Developing and maintaining a Member Directory.
  • Reviewing active and inactive membership rolls and implementing a plan to reconnect those who are inactive.

The committee’s composition includes two active elders, the puppet program coordinator, the pastor, and others.  The Membership and Outreach Committee normally meets the second Tuesday of the month at 5:30 p.m. in the church library. All meetings are open to the congregation.  Anyone interested in serving on this important committee is welcome to do so. 

  September 2021  
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