Property Committee

The Property Committee’s role is to ensure the church buildings and grounds are well maintained and advise the session on concerns or projects that need attention.


The committee’s specific responsibilities include the following:


  • Establish a system to ensure church buildings are locked, lights are turned off, and heat or air is regulated following each use of the building.
  • Make arrangements for snow removal, lawn care, and other seasonal responsibilities.
  • Ensure supervision of the work of the custodial staff.
  • Oversee process of writing specifications, getting bids and all other related contract documents for repair and maintenance of buildings and grounds.
  • Ensure supervision of the work of maintenance projects whether undertaken by volunteers or by professional crews.
  • Develop a written long-range schedule of major repairs and maintenance.
  • Review insurance coverage annually and recommend changes as needed.
  • Approve all requests for use of the church’s facilities by outside groups.
  • Recommend guidelines for use of the church for all occasions.
  • Approve offers of permanent additions to facilities, landscape, and sanctuary decorations.
  • Prepare an annual committee budget.

The committee’s composition includes two elders, with one being a current member of the Session, the pastor, and others interested in keeping the facilities well maintained. The committee normally meets the second Wednesday of the month at 5 p.m. in the church parlor. All meetings are open to the congregation. Anyone interested in serving on this important committee is welcome to do so.

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